About Obi-Wan Kimberly

Kimberly Blessing, Telle Whitney, and Fran Allen Women in computing: Kimberly (left) with Telle Whitney of the Anita Borg Institute (center) and Turing Award winner Frances Allen (right).

Obi-Wan Kimberly is Kimberly Blessing: a Web developer, standards evangelist, and technology executive who has worked with numerous organizations to successfully make the transition to Web standards. This site is where she blogs about those very topics.

Kimberly has helped organizations large and small in converting their table-based markup to CSS-driven, progressively enhanced layouts. Her first experience with this was at AOL, where she architected the web-based, standards-compliant content management system that enabled the dismantling of the “walled garden”. She also had a hand in the 2007 redesign of PayPal, where she led the team that was responsible for creating and ensuring the adoption of coding standards. She is currently the director of web development and technology at Think Brownstone, where she and her team help a variety of organizations design code, content management solutions, architectures, and workflow processes to suit a wide variety of clients.

Kimberly has also taken her standards experience and knowledge to numerous conferences (SXSW, WebVisions, An Event Apart), the classroom, and shared it in a book: Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites. She has served on the W3C CSS Working Group and was a member and group lead of The Web Standards Project.

A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Kimberly is also passionate about women’s issues, including increasing the number of women in technology. She has twice served as volunteer webmistress for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

The “Obi-Wan” moniker was bestowed on Kimberly by a member of the development team at AOL, when a particularly tricky CSS issue had others stumped.

You can follow Kimberly on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, or email her at obiwan at kimberly blessing dot com.